Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer custom commissions for jewelry design?

Simply put, no. I no longer accept custom requests or orders for jewelry design.

In addition to this, I no longer create jewelry to offer for sale within my online mediums as well.

How can I best help support you and your endeavors?

This is a question I actually get often.

Follow me on social media.
Tune into my Twitch streams.
Share my social media posts.
Comment, heart, and like my posts online.

And if you want to financially offer your support, buying anything from my shop is always deeply appreciated.

You can also directly donate and support me by sending anything via Paypal with this link: PAYPAL DONATE

I also have an Amazon Wishlist that has items to help continue building my content creation abilities: AMAZON WISH LIST

Do you offer holistic or metaphysical services any longer?

I offer holistic and/or metaphysical services online at completely random times.

I know that answer isn't exactly the most helpful, but please note that Tarot, Reiki, and things of the sort that I've offered in the past are still a part of my wheelhouse -- but they're just at complete random now when they're offered.

I encourage you to sign up for my email list, or follow me on social media to be notified of such offerings in the future.